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I picked up the Sonivox Essential Keyboard Collection to have a harpsichord but I wanted to try the rest of the stuff in there so I put together a little part. I didn't really expect this to be a full song when I was working on it and don't really have plans to keep writing with it but I thought the little part might work for something. 

The part here is the same midi for all the instruments. The first part is softer and the second part is much harder, sometimes max velocity, just to hear how each of the pianos react. Again, it's not a great song song but if it's useful in some way, that would be cool.

For my personal experience, I tried to get a pretty good sense of what all the things sound like so I tried each instrument in a neutral setting without the included reverb. Some of the instruments had other options that I tried out but not with others. For instance, the rhodes all had modulation effects and a cabinet toggle but I only tested out the chorus and cabinets. Or, with the wurlitzer, in particular, I didn't try any of the effects; They sounded fine but I didn't feel strongly about using them right now.

The other thing to note is that the simple midi part I wrote wasn't really compatible with some of the instruments. The harmonium and church organ sounded kinda dumb with what I had but I wasn't really ready to write something specifically for them. I also have no idea what a harmonium even is so there's that.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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