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I recently got a keyboard and it has turned me into a weird synthy, ambient machine. I made a lot of snippits of songs that are all kinda sad haha. Why do keyboards and pianos make me sad?


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the past that wasnt 13 MB
the past that wasnt (loop) 9 MB


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The mood this piece elicits is melancholy because one, we have a bassy beat, very human, like a heartbeat, to which we can always relate, and it's accompanied by single notes, high, and super long. We're waiting, we're emotionally longing for the song to go on, but it can't...it's just hope, but not enough, and so we go on, and on, and we know it's because we can't reach what we want to reach. It's a very nice little piece. If you don't like the melancholy rut and you tend to fall into it, add more hope, remove the primal beats, satisfy that yearning you created yourself ;)

Damn dude I'm not even gonna use it in any game, I'm just going to listen to it.
It's like one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, and then you randomly just start singing it and wonder what song it was. It's pretty good. 

You should upload on Spotify it'll be easier to listen there. Or maybe SoundCloud.

Thanks! I’m glad you like the music. I was considering uploading my stuff to Spotify but I wasn’t sure if anyone would really care to listen to it casually lol. I’ll figure out the best way to do it and I’ll update whenever that happens :D