Album of stuff I worked on for Soulstober 2022
A little piano part played on a bunch of pianos
A metal track to lose your mind to
A song to meet you at the end of the world
a song to look forward to and with
a song to never see the sun again to
A metal song to not stop to
A little synth loop to... transcend to?
Moody ambient synth jam to feel weird and alone to
vibey loop to listen to as you drive through a rainy city
Sometimes I make jaunty metal jams
a song to be the time to... what?
sometimes you accidentally sound like a popular pop-country band
A metal riff to have mythical fights to.
A kind of lofi song to listen to while you're inside.
A metal riff to move to. Idk dude. These are hard to write :(
Metal track to climb a mountain to
Vibey cellos with different emotions
The kind of music that would play if you pan over a city that has a vigilante hero
A song to keep your will from being bent.
A riff you can have an encounter on the roof to. Is that propper grammer?
An album of stuff I worked on for Soulstober 2021.
Vibey, ambient synth track to listen to while you pan a camera around slowly.
Death metal riff to sacrifice people to, maybe. If you're into that.
Pop-punk inspired riff to be sorry to.
A fun chiptune loop to idle pose to.
Short hard rock track that is cool. Who reads these?
Fast metal riff to yell at you for no reason
Slow jam to vibe out to or something.
A fast and aggressive death metal riff to do something fun to.
Folk-inspired orchestral tune.
Down-beat synth-y track to drive to.
Cheery chiptune loop for cheery, charming champions
Fast-paced, looping metal track
Whimsical orchestral loop
Ambient synth something something emotions.
Ambient synth jam
Ambient jam to listen to while you should be sleeping
Chill, ambient tune
A little chiptune interlude.